Rosamund Lehmann on #cake and on how #gas structures the landscape

Rosamond Lehmann, The weather in the streets (1936):

[Rollo and Olivia are on the train west out of London and have discovered that neither has children.] ‘Then,’ she said, ‘there are the pleasures of the intellect. They’re said to be lasting. We must cultivate our intellects.’ 

‘Too late,’ he said. ‘One ought to make at least a beginning in youth, and I omitted to do so. The fact is, I don’t care much about the intellect. I’m afraid the scope of my pleasures is rather limited.’ 


‘Confined in fact entirely to those of the senses.’ 

‘Oh, I see….’ She answered his odd comically inquiring look with a lift of the eyebrows. Well, I suppose they’re all right. Only they are apt to pall.’ 

‘Oh, are they?’ 

‘I was thinking of cake.’ She sighed. ‘It used to be my passion – especially chocolate, or any kind of large, spicy bun. Now it’s beginning to mean less… much less.’ 

He leaned back, laughing; the tension dissolved again. ‘Hallo,’ he said, ‘the gasworks. We’re nearly there. I’ve never known this journey to go so quickly.’

picnic (and cake) Regent's Park 914 4.JPG(Regent’s Park, London, September 2014)

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