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We have solar water heating at home. We recently had a new meter fitted because the old one broke. (The cost was €200 plus labour – only worth it because as an energy person, I have a kind of academic interest in the readings.) The display exemplifies either the general incomprehensibility of building controls (which have so much potential, but need to make sense) or my particular incompetence in understanding them. You decide!


I have three questions:

  • Is the indicator of watt-hours a measure of what the solar panels produce or of what we consume?
  • Does the term “heat quantity” refer to the watt-hours display (which would seem logical) or the two temperature displays (as its location suggests)?
  • What do the two temperature displays describe? Or rather, what is the relevance of the thing that they describe?

(Winter watt-hours per day average 1, compared to 40 or more in the summer. Over the year I estimate that the solar heating gives us half our hot water.)

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Paul Hodson

Head of Unit "EnergyEfficiency" at European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy

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