Mary Beard on #complexity

What is the role of an academic, no matter what they’re teaching, within political debate? It has to be that they make issues more complicated. The role of the academic is to make everything less simple… Whatever you say about popular culture, people like people who know things, who are experts, and it doesn’t particularly matter what they look like. – The Guardian, 23.4.16

public professor botanical gardens Tartu 815.JPG

I don’t know whether Professor Lippmaa added complexity to political debate – the times were difficult, and Wikipedia has little to say – but he looks intolerant of dumbing down; and the Botanical Gardens in Tartu, with which he had to do and where his statue is to be found, are complex and extensive, much more so than they look from the street.

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Paul Hodson

Head of Unit "EnergyEfficiency" at European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy

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