Statues and sculptures, Santander

We arrived in Santander last Saturday and stayed for four days. The city has many statues and sculptures; here are some of them.

 nun, public divers Santander 716.JPGBoys diving in the harbour…

public swimmers tunnel Santander 816.JPG and, in the tunnel from the bus and rail stations to the city centre, a painting of the same sculpture. 

public saint with dog Santander 716.JPG
Soulful saint with dog and tamarisk

public art villa Santander sculpture Santander 716.JPGArtwork in the garden of one of the big bourgeois villas in the Magdalena district where we stayed

 tree held up by bricks Santander 716.JPGThis isn’t an artwork, but I like the combination of natural and artificial. Magdalena district again.

 SD public people Santander 716 2.JPG public people Santander 716.JPGNear the port, two sets of statues that commemorate the city fire of 1941. I like how the second group of people stand in the grass. What is the relationship between the two sets? Are some of the people the same, for example?

 public head Santander 716.JPGA head.

public man Santander 716.JPGA head with an etiolated body. Makes me think of what happens in the end to the people in Doris Lessing’s The making of the representative for Planet 8.

public statue with starfish Santander 716.JPG A head with a starfish (Augusto Gonzalo Linares, founder of Spain’s first marine biology laboratory).

public ship of the line memorial battle of Trafalgar Santander 716.JPGIn honour of those who were killed at the battle of Trafalgar, 1805

Italian legion monument Santander 816.JPG
Monument to the Italian Legions, 1930s

Dos de Mayo statue Santander 716.JPG
Commemoration of the Dos de Mayo in 1808 (when Spanish people rebelled against the Napoleonic takeover of Spain)


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