Oysters from Charente Maritime

oyster roundabout Seudre 811.JPG

(This is what you see when you approach Seudre, in Charente Maritime, France)

Hanif Kureishi, The Last Word (2014): [At a restaurant in Mayfair:] They began with vodka, oysters and tiger prawns, but as with all of Rob’s sprawling meals, it was some time before they even reached the base camp of the first course. Hours later, staggering out into the quiet, grand city, and feeling as if he’d swallowed someone’s head, Harry said, ‘Who would have any idea that the financial system has collapsed?”

sport football les boucholeurs the feast of the oyster and the mussel 14.805.JPG

(This is a football match on the foreshore during the feast of the oyster and the mussel at Les Boucholeurs, Charente Maritime)

oysters Bouillabaisse Passau 415 2.JPG

(This is the Bouillabaisse restaurant at Passau, at the end of Germany. It serves oysters from Charente Maritime.)



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