Food and drink in Asturias, Cantabria and Pais Vasco

Here are some of the things we ate and drank on holiday in August in northwest Spain:

beans with clams Mirador de Toro restaurant Llanes 816.JPG

Beans with clams

PH beans shellfish Playa de Poo 816.JPG

Beans with shellfish

beans with sausages Mirador de Toro restaurant Llanes 816.JPG


public sausage woman and beans Ribadesella 816.JPG

Beans with sausage

great bean stew garage restaurant Atallu 816.JPG

Bean stew

periwinkles cafe Marina Ribadesella 816.JPG


goose foot barnacles Ribadesella 816.JPG

Goose foot barnacles. (Several restaurants advertised razor clams, navejas, but all had run out; I received these in one place as a substitute.)

tuna, vermut toffee, orange that is not an orange Don Firmin Oviedo 816.JPG

Tuna; vermouth; and oranges that look like oranges, and are made of oranges, but are not oranges

cabrales cheese Playa de Poo 816.JPG

Cabrales cheese (famous, though I hadn’t heard of it before)

cheese Geo de Lanzana Llanes 816.JPG

Geo de Lanzana cheese (which I liked even more)

tomato salad Playa de Poo 816 .JPG

Tomato salad

PH Ms pepper tomato salad Playa de Poo 816 .JPG

Tomato salad was in fact the best thing of all. I brought a pepper mill, though I left it behind somewhere , and used it on the tomatoes.

pizza Elizondo 816.JPG

Pizza on the street at 10 in the evening after a sweltering day’s walk to Elizondo

tuna pintxo Tolosa 816.JPG

Tuna pintxo

breakfast Richard Jerry Pamplona 816.JPG

Pintxes and Cas Limon for breakfast

apple pudding cinnamon ice cream Don Firmin Oviedo 816.JPGApple pudding with cinnamon icecream

Estrella Galicia beer hotel Rosario Ribadesella 816.JPG

In Llanes we drank Mahou. In Ribadesella we drank Estrella Galicia, which was having a 110th anniversary with 110 artist-drawn labels. We could not bag them all.

cider pourer cafe Marina Ribadesella 816.JPG

In both places, though, the real thing to drink was cider, poured high to aerate it.

tinto de verano Ribadesella 816 beach bar.JPG

Tinto de verano is another option.

Public G&T Pamplona 816.JPG


In Pamplona we drank G&T.