Cities and the countryside 2 (Charles Dantzig)

Pompeii 411 1.JPG

Khoranagh [en Iran] est une ville abandonnée du XIIe siècle. Murs en pisé, rues couvertes, comme le sont restés les vieux quartiers de villes comme Yazd. Que c’est paisible. Les cités sont mortes, et les passions. Il en reste le souvenir, parce que cela a été une ville. La campagne ne garde le souvenir de rien : l’homme même semble à peine y être apparu. (Charles Dantzig, Encyclopédie capricieuse du tout et du rien 2009)

I’m still thinking about cities and the countryside, and about the quote from Alfred Duggan that I blogged about yesterday. I wonder how far my love for cities comes from not being able to drive, or is it vice versa. At any rate I like this quote, sentimental as it is. But he’s wrong about the countryside. The English countryside (the photo was taken on a walk in Hampshire last month), at any rate, is something we have made, and that’s visible.


The other photos are of Pompeii, perhaps the most famous abandoned city. It was a minor town in Roman Italy and it’s vast. The Roman empire and the British empire are both inexplicable, how did they stay together?

SD Pompeii 411.JPG

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