Defining Excellence in economics: 70 Years of John Bates Clark Medals

The Undercover Historian

clark_medal_front_smAndrej Svorenčík and I have a new working paper on the history of the John Bates Clark medal (SSRN  and SocArXiv links). We combine archival evidence on the establishment and early years of the award and quantitative analysis of the profiles of the laureates to study the intellectual and institutional determinants of “excellence” in economics: how economists disagreed on what count as a “fundamental contribution” in economics, how they handled topic, methods, institutional and gender diversity issues.

We are still struggling with how to interpret our data, so comments are very much welcome.

Below are excerpts from the introduction. There will be another post dealing with my unanswered questions, methodological struggles and findings on this project.

In 2017 the John Bates Clark Medal (JBC Medal) turned seventy, and the 39th medalist was selected for this prestigious award. Established in 1947 by the American Economic Association (AEA) to reward an…

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Crispy food in the #Cotswolds (2)

The mushy pea fritter and the crispy poached egg that I found out about a couple of days ago here in Stow on the Wold are not a coincidence! Last night one of the people I’m on holiday with showed me this list of places to eat. Have a look at the Wild Rabbit.

deep fried poached egg Cotswolds 817.JPG