#energyUK – Littlebrook power station

energy Littlebrook power station near Dartford tunnel train St Pancras-Folkestone 1017.JPG

You can see this magnificent building from the Eurostar track as the train crosses the Thames 15 minutes or so out of St Pancras.

(This morning, I was on not Eurostar but the fast train to Folkestone. We’re bringing a dog to Brussels and you can’t take them on Eurostar. Instead you can get on a taxi in Folkestone and sit on it through the tunnel to Calais. Time: 7 hours compared to 2 on Eurostar. Cost: nearly double. But worth it.)

I looked it up on Wikipedia and found it is Littlebrook D, an oil-fired power station that closed down in 2015 rather than meet rising EU air quality requirements.

Published by

Paul Hodson

Head of Unit "EnergyEfficiency" at European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy

One thought on “#energyUK – Littlebrook power station”

  1. Curious about oil-fired power generation in Europe, I just checked the statistics on ENERDATA. Interestingly, oil-fired electricity represented 20% of installed generation capacity and 20% of production in 1980. Nowadays, these figures have respectively gone down to 5% of capacity and 2% of production.


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