Snow: the view from my office window in Brussels this afternoon

snow from my office window curves cars flats bicycles Bxl 318.JPG

What is it about the romance of snow? When we don’t have it, we complain about it. Snow is important to who we are as humans. It delights, brings surprise and play; it transforms, shifts the mood, fills the world with possibility. It brings us into the moment when being in the moment is so rare these days. – Miriam Darlington in the Times, 17 February

Is it the same for everyone?

A colleague skipped across my office this afternoon, in pleasure at the snow out the window.

I wanted to skip too.

Yet I remember a meeting of Commission people a few years ago when fluffy snow started to come down out the window where we were meeting, even later in the season than this and heavier, visible to everyone, coming down continuously. Noone remarked a word.

Snow Girl and Penguin, Christmas cake, Boxing day 1216.JPG(Snow Girl and Penguin on the Christmas cake, a couple of years ago)

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Paul Hodson

Head of Unit "EnergyEfficiency" at European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy

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