US11 – The easy stream of laughter flowing through the air…

… Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog après la guerre (Paul Simon)

Back in Brussels, here are some dog photos from America.

dog window of car Aptos 818.JPG
(Aptos on a typically misty morning)

 dogs pushchair Aptos 818.JPG(Aptos)

Alsatian dog Aptos 818.JPG(Aptos)

cyclist carrying surfboard man carrying dog Santa Cruz 818.JPG(Santa Cruz)

yappy dogs San Francisco 818.JPG (San Francisco. Each bit my calf)

 man dogs Seattle 818.JPG(Seattle)

dogs boat Lake Union Seattle 818.JPG(Lake Union, Seattle)

… and some dog signs:

public writing DOGS MUST BE ATTENDED BY HUMANS bus bike Aptos 818 beach.JPG(Aptos. What is the non-human attendance option?)

public writing MISSING CATS R NOT MISSING COYOTES R EATING THEM and dogs Aptos 818.JPG (Aptos)

dog only exercise equiipment public writing NO PEOPLE ALLOWED ON EQUIPMENT Santa Cruz 818 2.JPG(Santa Cruz. The sign on the right says that the exercise equipment on the left is only for dogs) 

public writing THERE IS NO POOP FAIRY public fairy dog Santa Cruz 818.JPG(Santa Cruz)

Meanwhile, our own dog Jumble was in kennels near Jodoigne in Brabant Wallon. The sociable dogs are let out to play together. When she came back she was like a teenager who’d been to Ibiza on her first independent holiday. She’d grown up; she’d filled out. She could hardly keep her eyes open; she slept through the daytime like she’d been up all night. And she’d lost her doggy passport.

Jumble 818.JPG