Autumn trees 4 (Paris) – and a French game (Citadelles)

Last week I went to Paris for a couple of days for work. It is the city of the plane tree, they are on every boulevard.

plane trees champ de mars Paris 1018.JPG

I wanted a shot of the whole of the Eiffel tower and the whole of a plane tree, but could not get it with my narrow angle lens. There were fine silver birch too. I saw none of the other trees I’m looking out for.

silver birch and plane trees Paris 1018.JPG

For the first time this autumn I saw a tree whose leaves were gone.

leafless tree Paris 1018.JPG

My Travelling Companion and I ate a couple of meals at a café in the shadow of the elevated metro.

elevated metro Dupleix Prolongations restaurant Paris 1018 2.JPG

The quality and variety of the food was as good as you’d get in Belgium – razor clams, for example – the style wasn’t half as posh. My theory that ordinary restaurant food in Belgium is better than in France has been shaken. The café had a notice: In order not to inconvenience our neighbours, customers on the terrace are requested not to sing or shout. (After 2230.)

At a game shop near the Ile de la Cité I bought an expanded version of Bruno Faidotti’s great game, Citadelles. I gave it a spin while eating an omelette nature in a café nearby.

PH playing Citadelles Paris 1018.JPG

Hireable electric scooters are here too.

man electric scooters Paris 1018.JPG

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Paul Hodson

Head of Unit "EnergyEfficiency" at European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy

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