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I’m interested in energy, cities, transport, pricing, and what makes the economy work.

And, it turns out, in writing and in history.

One thought on “À propos”

  1. Dear Mr. Paul Hodson,

    First and foremost, thank you for the time in reading this email.

    I am Ariel a student currently undertaking one of the Sustainable Energy Initiative Master Course in Portugal.
    Next year, our “Sustainable Energy Education Initiative Course” is organizing an international conference themed “Designing Cities & Communities for the Future”.
    Link: http://www.efs2017.uc.pt/
    The conference is held in a Sustainable Island in a beautiful coast of Portugal in February 2017.

    This Master and PHD course is also integrated with partnership MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) based in Portugal, with participations of international students and researchers. In conjunction to recognise our 11th year (10 years of excellence in sustainable energy education efforts), we will like to showcase a special video to all the participants of the conference.

    The 3 minutes total video is a message from key energy, climate change, and environment leaders around the world. Giving a brief 30 seconds insight or sharing to all the researchers, academic participants, scholars, and educators who had been involved in a decade of excellent sustainable energy and renewable development projects through this education platform; as well as to encourage the participants to continue excelling in their contribution to the relevant field.

    Your input and “open sharing on the conference theme : sustainable cities, sustainable communities, OR sustainability as a whole” can be shared in a recorded 30 seconds video.
    Your excellency (Sir, Paul Hodson, presence through the visual message to all the current and future of “sustainable carriers and energy change makers”, will play a high impact to the positive goals we all wish to achieve.
    Given your contribution, we will edit the 30 seconds video with your name, and of course the total video outcome will be shared with you.

    Sir Paul Hodson may prepare a 30 seconds video -to your convenience- with an introduction of your identity, and your KEY MESSAGE to the participants (educators, researchers, and scholars) in the field of sustainable energy development and engineering technology. You may highlight the important roles they impart, or any message that is relevant and inspiring to the conference.

    We are also able to SKYPE, (and do the recording through skype) to make things easier. It will be quick and efficient. If this is one channel, that can help to deliver the video, feel free to schedule a Skype session with us so we can record the video message with your valuable message and inspiring presence!

    We also recognise the European Commission publication had been highly cited and valuable to the researchers in our academia, thus; we like to thank EC for the great work (especially in the energy and climate change directive/department) that also provided empirical resource for the researchers to innovate and cultivate new findings.

    Your time and contribution are truly valued.

    Best Regards,
    Ms. Toh
    MSc Energy for Sustainability.
    alternative contact : arielearth@gmail.com


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